Professional Milwaukee Light Switch Installation

One of Crown Electrical’s residential and commercial electrical services is light switch installation. If you are looking to have new or replacement light switches installed in a new construction project or as part of a remodel in Milwaukee, our professional electricians can handle the job! 

Types Of Light Switches

We can install a variety of light switch types based on your needs and preferences. We can install a traditional wall switch, toggle switch, dimmer switch, push button switch, motion sensor, remote controlled switch, multi-way switch, and more!  

Consider what type of switch will be more convenient in the space. For example, a dimmer switch might be ideal for a space that would benefit from adjustable lighting levels for different activities. A remote controlled switch controls a light from a distance. This option is perfect for lounging areas such as movie screening rooms. 

What Does Light Switch Installation Involve? 

The electricians at Crown Electrical use a time-tested and reliable process for all of our light switch installation jobs. If there is already a switch in place that requires a replacement, we will start by disabling the power to that circuit. We then remove the old switch and install the new one of your choice, connecting it to the existing electrical wiring. Finally, we restore the power to that circuit and conduct all of the necessary tests to ensure the new switch is functioning properly. 

We can also handle all necessary wiring for adding a new light switch where there currently isn’t one. We use wiring diagrams and assess your home wiring and circuit breaker to ensure you have the necessary electrical capacity to support the addition. After those initial steps and planning, we will run the switch wiring where needed to connect your new switch to the light fixture. In some cases, you may decide that you are also looking for additional lighting installation, which is another service offered by Crown Electrical.   

Why Choose Crown Electrical For Light Switch Installation?

Crown Electrical is an excellent choice for all of your electrical assessments and upgrades because we offer a full range of electrical installation and repairs. This array of services means we can comprehensively address your electrical needs. For example, if an issue presents itself with your electrical panel while we are installing a new outlet or switch, we are able to take on that problem. Additionally, we can always make suggestions for other upgrades and take note of concerns we identify during a project. 

Contact Crown Electrical To Learn More

Crown Electrical has the experience and skills to accommodate any light switch installation project, whether it is in a residential or commercial space. And if you need something a bit more involved, such as lighting installation or electrical outlet installation, our electricians can tackle those projects as well. Contact us today to learn more about our services and discuss which ones will best suit your needs. The Crown looks forward to hearing from you!