Expert Generator Installation in the Milwaukee Area

Crown Electrical provides generator installation in Milwaukee. A generator offers you the ability to maintain an electrical supply in the event of a power outage. This option can be incredibly valuable during storms and rolling blackouts. With a backup generator in your home, you will be able to maintain your cold and frozen food supply, as well as ensure safety and comfort for yourself and your family. 

What The Installation Involves

When you have Crown Electrical conduct your generator installation, we follow a few basic steps to ensure a safe and effective installation. First, we will install an automatic transfer switch near the main electrical panel in your home. Then, we will place the generator on a sturdy pad constructed of brick, concrete, or a similar material to increase the stability of the generator. After that step, we will run electrical wiring from the automatic transfer switch to the generator itself. Lastly, we will provide and test proper connections from your fuel source to the generator.  

Our Commitments

With all of our projects, including generator installation, we aim for safety, quality, and integrity. As such, we conduct all installations following NEC (National Electrical Code) guidelines and the safest work practices to protect our workers and our customers. In addition to safety, a high quality installation is one of our primary goals. We want to leave our projects proud of our work and with your 100% satisfaction. Our integrity comes into play in our commitment to never cutting corners. We take the time to do the job right, always. We think these commitments are incredibly important in the electrical business! 

Our Customer Service

In addition to our electrical expertise and commitments to safety, quality, and integrity, we also pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. When you choose Crown Electrical for your Milwaukee generator installation, you will experience great customer service that is guided by one of our knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives. This point of contact will be available to answer your questions in preparation for the service and will coordinate your installation with our electricians. 

Additionally, if you end up wanting more in depth information, our customer service representative can put you in touch with one of our Master or Journeyman Electricians. They will be able to go over the installation and answer your more extensive questions.   

Let’s Get Started On Your Generator Installation!

While installation of your generator will only take one or two days, it is helpful to reach out to us without delay so we can take the time to learn about your needs and schedule your installation. We can help you with decisions like which generator size to choose based on your electrical capacity and needs. We will discuss all options with you so you can feel confident about your choices. To get this process started, request an estimate on our generator installation service today!