One of Crown Electrical’s lighting installation specialties in Milwaukee is recessed lighting. This lighting option has long been a popular choice for homes as it is elegant and efficient. Recessed lighting refers to light fixtures that are embedded in the ceiling or wall and appear to be flush with the surface. Therefore, they create a seamless look that addresses your lighting needs. 

Recessed lighting is so loved because it provides different color temperature options, is dimmable to different times of day and settings, uses LED rather than traditional bulbs, and provides overall better lighting than most alternatives. 

Recessed Lighting Installation Process

When you choose Crown Electrical for your recessed lighting installation, we begin with scheduling which typically takes about 2-3 weeks. Once we actually start your installation, time to completion is often only one day. We begin with a discussion of your goals for the installation. We will go over our plan with you to ensure the layout is exactly what you have envisioned. Once you approve our layout and plan, we work with you to choose an appropriate location for the dimmer switch that will control the lighting. Then, we will run the wiring to this area. 

A major portion of the installation process involves cutting holes and running wires. When those are in place, we install the recessed lights, the electrical box for the dimmer switch, the dimmer switch itself, and lastly the switch cover plate. 

Outstanding Customer Service

One of the things we think makes us stand out from our competitors is our outstanding customer service that we prioritize at every step of the installation process. First, our schedule process is smooth and quick for your convenience. Then, on the day of installation, our experienced electricians are dedicated to showing up promptly and working with you to ensure the outcome is what you’re hoping for. We do not consider our projects to be complete until you are 100% satisfied with our work. This commitment is why we take the time to review the layout with you in advance. 

Contact Crown Electrical For Recessed Lighting Installation

If you are interested in the prospect of recessed lighting in your own Milwaukee home, don’t hesitate to contact Crown Electrical with your questions today. You will find that recessed lights are well suited to bedrooms, living rooms, basements, bathrooms, and even the exterior of your home. They are a truly versatile lighting option! Fill out our contact form or call us at (262) 254-7637 to get started on the installation process.