Electrical Outlet Installation In Milwaukee

Do you want to have new electrical outlets installed or older ones replaced and upgraded? The electricians at Crown Electrical have the knowledge and experience to get the job done efficiently and safely. Additionally, we address electrical code violations that require additional outlets. We also help homeowners safely upgrade to more power-hungry appliances. As part of our electrical installation and repairs, we conduct electrical outlet installation and can address whatever electrical outlet issues you are experiencing in your Milwaukee home. 

Why You Might Want New Electrical Outlets

There are a lot of reasons to replace electrical outlets or have new ones installed. Some customers come to Crown Electrical after having a home inspection and learning that their outlets are outdated or dangerous. They may have found that they have either non-functioning outlets or reverse-polarity voltage outlets. Both of these can pose serious dangers and should be addressed when undertaking certain projects. Such projects include remodels, renovation projects, updating property to meet current codes, and adding new appliances that might require higher electrical capacity. 

New Electrical Outlets Installed From Scratch

Electrical wiring is tricky and requires an expert hand. As such, the professionals at Crown Electrical can handle installing the outlet box and running the wiring, ensuring proper grounding. Additionally, we can help you choose the right outlet types for your home and intended purposes. We offer residential general-use outlets and GFCI outlets, which are both 120v. We also offer special use outlets that are 240v. As full-service residential electricians, we have a full selection of the outlets and installation services you need. 

Removing & Replacing Existing Outlets

In some cases, you may have enough outlets in your home, but they may be dated or need to be replaced. Crown Electrical will safely remove the old ones and install newer, safer versions. Outlets often need to be replaced to remain in compliance with local housing codes. In fact, building codes may require particular updates and maintenance, along with a specific number and frequency of outlets in a particular space. 

Another electrical outlet update we frequently conduct is replacing old 2-prong outlets with 3-prong grounded outlets. Grounding wires are essential for safely redirecting electricity in the event of a surge. With that in mind, we highly recommend reaching out to Crown Electrical if you have these outlets in your home. 

Contact Crown Electrical Today For Electrical Outlet Installation

If you have any concerns about your home’s electrical outlets or questions about its electrical system, contact Crown Electrical right away. We take your concerns and safety very seriously and have the expertise to address them. For an ordinary electrical outlet installation, our turnaround time is roughly 2-3 weeks. Contact us today to get started!